Stud.IP  5.4
PluginAsset Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (AssetModel $model)
 setOriginalFilename ($filename)
 isNew ()
 setContent ($content)
 getContent ()
 getDownloadLink ()
 delete ()

Detailed Description

Default asset implementation

Will store the asset in Stud.IP's upload folders and the neccessary metadata in the database.

Jan-Hendrik Willms GPL2 or any later version
Stud.IP 3.4

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct ( AssetModel  $model)
AssetModel$modelModel to use

Member Function Documentation

◆ delete()

delete ( )

Deletes this asset

Implements Asset.

◆ getContent()

getContent ( )

Returns the content of the asset.

String containing the content of the asset

Implements Asset.

◆ getDownloadLink()

getDownloadLink ( )

Returns a download to the asset.

Stringcontaining the uri to download the asset

Implements Asset.

◆ isNew()

isNew ( )

Returns whether the asset is new (and needs to be compiled/created). This will return true when the file is either really new or if the source file has changed, when in development mode).

bool indicating whether the asset if new

Implements Asset.

◆ setContent()

setContent (   $content)

Sets the content of the asset.

String$contentContent of the asset

Implements Asset.

◆ setOriginalFilename()

setOriginalFilename (   $filename)

Sets the original file name of the source file.

String$filenameName of the original file

Implements Asset.

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