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CalendarWidgetView Class Reference
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CalendarWeekView CalendarView

Public Member Functions

 getColumns ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CalendarWeekView
 __construct ($entries, $controller)
 groupEntries ($grouped=true)
 getContext ()
 getDays ()
 getInsertFunction ()
 getColumns ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CalendarView
 __construct ($entries=[])
 setHeight ($height)
 setRange ($start_hour, $end_hour)
 addColumn ($title, $url="", $id=null)
 addEntry ($entry_array)
 groupEntries ($grouped=true)
 setInsertFunction ($js_function_object)
 render ($params=[])
 getEntries ()
 getMatrix ()
 getRange ()
 isGrouped ()
 getHeight ()
 getOverallHeight ()
 getInsertFunction ()
 getColumns ()
 setReadOnly ($readonly=true)
 getReadOnly ()

Static Public Member Functions

static createFromWeekView (CalendarWeekView $view)

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from CalendarView
 $sorted_entries = []
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CalendarView
 checkEntries ($entries)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CalendarWeekView
 $days = [1,2,3,4,5]
- Protected Attributes inherited from CalendarView
 $entries = []
 $entry_columns = []
 $height = 40
 $grouped = false
 $start_hour = 8
 $end_hour = 21
 $insertFunction = ""
 $templates = []
 $read_only = false
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from CalendarView
static $number_of_instances = 1

Detailed Description

Calendar widget view, links to details page of courses.

Jan-Hendrik Willms GPL2 or any later version
Stud.IP 3.4

Member Function Documentation

◆ createFromWeekView()

static createFromWeekView ( CalendarWeekView  $view)

Creates a widget view from a week view.

CalendarWeekView$viewThe CalendarWeekView object
CalendarWidgetView object with the data from the CalendarWeekView

◆ getColumns()

getColumns ( )

Returns all columns of the calendar-view and removes everything that is not needed and links the entry to the details page of the course.

array of CalendarColumn

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