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ClipboardWidget Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ClipboardWidget:
SidebarWidget Widget RoomClipboardWidget

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($allowed_item_classes=[])
 updateSessionVariables ()
 setApplyButtonTitle ($title='')
 getClipboardWidgetId ()
 render ($variables=[])
addLink ($label, $url, $icon=null, $attributes=array(), $index=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SidebarWidget
 __construct ()
 setId (string $id)
 getId ()
 setTitle ($title)
 getTitle ()
 removeTitle ()
 setExtra ($extra)
 getExtra ()
 removeExtra ()
 setAdditionalAttribute (string $key, $value)
 setAdditionalAttributes (array $attributes)
 removeAdditionalAttribute (string $key)
 render ($variables=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
 addElement (WidgetElement $element, $index=null)
 insertElement (WidgetElement $element, $before_index, $index=null)
 getElement ($index)
 getElements ()
 removeElement ($index)
 hasElements ()
 hasElement ($index)
 forceRendering ($state=true)
 addLayoutCSSClass ($css_class)
 removeLayoutCSSClass ($css_class)
 render ($variables=[])
 __isset ($offset)
 __get ($offset)
 __set ($offset, $value)
 __unset ($offset)

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from SidebarWidget
 $additional_attributes = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from Widget
 $elements = []
 $template = 'widgets/widget'
 $template_variables = []
 $layout = 'widgets/widget-layout'
 $forced_rendering = false
 $layout_css_classes = []

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Widget
 guessIndex (WidgetElement $element)

Detailed Description

This class is responsible for displaying new clipboards (the ones that use the Clipboard SORM class) in the sidebar.

Moritz Strohm GNU General Public License v2 or later.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct (   $allowed_item_classes = [])

This widget can be initialised with the class names of allowed classes to limit the displayed items in a clipboard to items of specific classes.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addLink()

& addLink (   $label,
  $icon = null,
  $attributes = array(),
  $index = null 

Adds a link to the widget

String$labelLabel/content of the link
String$urlURL/Location of the link
Icon$iconinstance of class Icon for the link
bool$activePass true if the link is currently active, defaults to false

◆ getClipboardWidgetId()

getClipboardWidgetId ( )

◆ render()

render (   $variables = [])

◆ setApplyButtonTitle()

setApplyButtonTitle (   $title = '')

◆ updateSessionVariables()

updateSessionVariables ( )

Updates session variables if a special POST request is made.

Field Documentation

◆ $apply_button_title


This attribute contains a string that shall be the title of the button for applying the selected clipbard to the main area the widget is showing when in read only mode.

◆ $clipboard_widget_id


clipboard_widget_id is required in the case that multiple clipboard widgets exist on one page. The JavaScript code can then distinguish each clipboard widget by its unique ID.

◆ $current_clipboard_id


This attribute holds the ID of the clipboard which is stored in the session as currently selected clipboard.

◆ $draggable_items


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