Stud.IP  5.4
EvaluationQuestion Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EvaluationQuestion:
EvaluationObject StudipObject AuthorObject

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($objectID="", $parentObject=NULL, $loadChildren=EVAL_LOAD_NO_CHILDREN)
 setType ($type)
 getType ()
 setMultiplechoice ($multiplechoice)
 isMultiplechoice ()
 addChild (&$child)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EvaluationObject
 __construct ($objectID="", $parentObject=NULL, $loadChildren=EVAL_LOAD_NO_CHILDREN)
 setTitle ($title)
 getTitle ()
 setText ($text)
 getText ()
 setPosition ($position)
 getPosition ()
 setParentObject (&$parentObject)
 getParentObject ()
 getParentID ()
 setParentID ($parentID)
 removeChildID ($childID)
 addChild (&$child)
getChild ($childID="")
getNextChild ()
 getChildren ()
 getNumberChildren ()
 save ()
 delete ()
duplicate ()
 duplicate_init ()
 init ($objectID="")
 load ()
 check ()
 getSpecialChildobjects (&$object, $instanceof, $reset=false)
 toString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StudipObject
 __construct ($objectID="")
 getObjectID ()
 setObjectID ($objectID)
 getAuthorID ()
 getAuthor ()
 getFullName ()
 setAuthorID ($authorID)
 getRangeID ()
 setRangeID ($rangeID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AuthorObject
 __construct ()
 x_instanceof ()
 isError ()
 getErrors ()
 resetErrors ()
 throwError ($errcode, $errstring)
 throwErrorFromClass (AuthorObject $class)

Data Fields

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Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StudipObject
static createNewID ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct (   $objectID = "",
  $parentObject = NULL,
  $loadChildren = EVAL_LOAD_NO_CHILDREN 

Constructor public

string$objectIDThe ID of an existing question
object$parentObjectThe parent object if exists
integer$loadChildrenSee const EVAL_LOAD_*_CHILDREN

Member Function Documentation

◆ addChild()

addChild ( $child)

Adds a child and sets the value to pos+1 public

objectEvaluationObject &$child The child object

◆ getType()

getType ( )

Sets the type of a question public

string The type of the question.('likert','multiplechoice','pol')

◆ isMultiplechoice()

isMultiplechoice ( )

Checks for multiplechoice public

boolean YES if it is an multiplechoice question

◆ setMultiplechoice()

setMultiplechoice (   $multiplechoice)

Sets multiplechoice value of a question public

$tinyintThe multiplechoice Value.

◆ setType()

setType (   $type)

Sets the type of a question public

string$typeThe type of the question. ('skala','normal','pol')

Field Documentation

◆ $isMultiplechoice

If set YES it is allowed to choose more than one answer private

◆ $templateID


◆ $type

string $type

Type of question (skala/normal) => see EVALQUESTION_TYPE_* private

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