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EvaluationTree Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EvaluationTree:

Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $args)
 init ()
 recursiveInit ( $group)
getGroupObject ($item_id, $renew=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TreeAbstract
 init ()
 storeItem ($item_id, $parent_id, $name, $priority)
 buildIndex ($item_id=false)
 getKids ($item_id)
 getNumKids ($item_id)
 getKidsKids ($item_id, $in_recursion=false)
 getNumKidsKids ($item_id, $in_recursion=false)
 isLastKid ($item_id)
 isFirstKid ($item_id)
 isChildOf ($ancestor_id, $item_id)
 hasKids ($item_id)
 getItemPath ($item_id)
 getParents ($item_id)
 getShortPath ($item_id, $length=null, $delimeter=">", $offset=0)
 getMaxPriority ($parent_id)
 getNumEntries ($item_id, $num_entries_from_kids=false)
 getNumEntriesKids ($item_id, $in_recursion=false)
 getValue ($item_id, $field)

Data Fields

- Data Fields inherited from TreeAbstract
 $tree_data = []
 $tree_childs = []
 $tree_num_childs = []
 $index_offset = 0

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TreeAbstract
static GetInstance ($class_name, $args=null, $invalidate_cache=false)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TreeAbstract
 __construct ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct (   $args)

Constructor public

arraythe eval's ID (optional - if not given, it must be in $_REQUEST).

Member Function Documentation

◆ getGroupObject()

& getGroupObject (   $item_id,
  $renew = false 

◆ init()

init ( )

initializes the tree store rows from evaluation tables in array $tree_data public

◆ recursiveInit()

recursiveInit (   $group)

initialize the sub-groups.


objectEvaluationGroup the current group to be initialized.

Field Documentation

◆ $eval

object Evaluation $eval

Holds the Evaluation object public

◆ $evalID

string $evalID

Holds the Evaluation ID public

◆ $load_mode

integer $load_mode

Holds the eval constructor load mode public

◆ $root_content


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