Stud.IP  6.0
Fachbereich Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Fachbereich:
ModuleManagementModelTreeItem ModuleManagementModel MvvTreeItem SimpleORMap ModuleManagementInterface

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($id=null)
 getRelatedModules ($only_public=true, $modul_ids=null)
 getTrailParentId ()
 getTrailParent ()
 getParents ($mode=null)
 getChildren ()
 hasChildren ()
 getDisplayName ()
 isFaculty ()
 getShortName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModelTreeItem
 getTrailParentId ()
 getTrails ($types=null, $mode=null, $path=null, $in_recursion=false)
 isAssignable ()
 hasChildren ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModel
 verifyPermission ($user_id=null)
 store ()
 validate ()
 delete ()
 setNewId ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getAvailableTranslations ()
 getStatus ()
 hasPublicStatus ($filter=null)
 getResponsibleInstitutes ()
 getVariant ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimpleORMap
 __construct ($id=null)
 __clone ()
 getRelationOptions ($relation)
 getTableMetadata ()
 hasAutoIncrementColumn ()
 setId ($id)
 getId ()
 getNewId ()
 toArray ($only_these_fields=null)
 toRawArray ($only_these_fields=null)
 toArrayRecursive ($only_these_fields=null)
 getValue ($field)
 getRelationValue ($relation, $field)
 getDefaultValue ($field)
 setValue ($field, $value)
 __get ($field)
 __set ($field, $value)
 __isset ($field)
 offsetExists ($offset)
 offsetGet ($offset)
 offsetSet ($offset, $value)
 offsetUnset ($offset)
 getIterator ()
 count ()
 isField ($field)
 isRelation ($field)
 isAdditionalField ($field)
 isAliasField ($field)
 isI18nField ($field)
 setData ($data, $reset=false)
 isNew ()
 isDeleted ()
 setNew ($is_new)
 getWhereQuery ()
 restore ()
 store ()
 triggerChdate ()
 delete ()
 isDirty ()
 isFieldDirty ($field)
 revertValue ($field)
 getPristineValue ($field)
 initRelation ($relation)
 resetRelation ($relation)
 cleanup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MvvTreeItem
 getId ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getClassDisplayName ($long=false)
static findByModule ($module_ids)
static getFilterStudiengaengeEinrichtung ($studiengang_ids=[])
static getFachbereiche ($sortby='name', $order='ASC', $filter=null)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModelTreeItem
static getPathes ($trails, $delimiter=' · ')
static filterTrails ($trails, $filter_objects)
static setObjectFilter ($class_name, $filter_func)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModel
static findBySearchTerm ($search_term, $filter=null)
static getAll ()
static get ($id=null)
static getEnriched ($id)
static getEnrichedByQuery ($query=null, $params=[], $row_count=null, $offset=null)
static getClassDisplayName ($long=false)
static getFilterSql ($filter, $where=false, $or_sql=null)
static getContentArray (SimpleORMap $sorm, $to_utf8=true)
static getCount ($filter=null)
static getCountBySql ($sql, $filter=null)
static setLanguage ($language)
static setContentLanguage ($language)
static getLanguage () = htmlReady($modul['name'])
static getLocaleOrdinalNumberSuffix ($num)
static getPublicStatus ($class_name=null)
static findCached ($id, $index=null)
static clearCache ($index=null)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SimpleORMap
static tableScheme ($db_table)
static expireTableScheme ()
static exists ($id)
static countBySql ($sql='1', $params=[])
static create ($data)
static build ($data, $is_new=true)
static buildExisting ($data)
static import ($data)
static findBySQL ($sql, $params=[])
static findOneBySQL ($where, $params=[])
static findThru ($foreign_key_value, $options)
static findEachBySQL ($callable, $sql, $params=[])
static findMany ($pks=[], $order='', $order_params=[])
static findEachMany ($callable, $pks=[], $order='', $order_params=[])
static findAndMapBySQL ($callable, $where, $params=[])
static findAndMapMany ($callable, $pks=[], $order='', $order_params=[])
static deleteBySQL ($where, $params=[])
static toObject ($id_or_object)
static __callStatic (string $name, array $arguments)

Static Protected Member Functions

static configure ($config=[])
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModelTreeItem
static sortTrails ($trail_a, $trail_b)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModel
static configure ($config=[])
static checkSortFields ($sort, $standard_field=null, $additional_fields=[])
static createSortStatement ($sort, $order='ASC', $standard_field=null, $additional_fields=[])
static fromCache ($index, $id, Callable $finder)
static formatDisplayName (string $template, array $placeholders, array $replacements)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SimpleORMap
static db_table ()
static db_fields ()
static pk ()
static default_values ()
static serialized_fields ()
static alias_fields ()
static i18n_fields ()
static additional_fields ()
static has_many ()
static has_one ()
static belongs_to ()
static has_and_belongs_to_many ()
static registered_callbacks ()
static known_slots ()
static notification_map ()
static getter_setter_map ()
static configure ($config=[])
static config ($key)
static registerCallback ($types, $cb)
static unregisterCallback ($types, $cb)

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from ModuleManagementModel
 $object_real_name = ''
- Data Fields inherited from SimpleORMap
const ID_SEPARATOR = '_'
- Data Fields inherited from MvvTreeItem
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ModuleManagementModelTreeItem
- Static Public Attributes inherited from SimpleORMap
static $schemes = null
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModel
 logChanges ($action=null)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SimpleORMap
 _getId ($field)
 _setId ($field, $value)
 _getAdditionalValueFromRelation ($field)
 _setAdditionalValueFromRelation ($field, $value)
 _getAdditionalValue ($field)
 _setAdditionalValue ($field, $value)
 parseRelationOptions ($type, $name, $options)
 storeRelations ($only_these=null)
 deleteRelations ()
 initializeContent ()
 applyCallbacks ($type)
 cbNotificationMapper ($cb_type)
 cbAfterInitialize ($cb_type)
 setSerializedValue ($field, $value)
 setI18nValue ($field, $value)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ModuleManagementModel
 $is_dirty = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from SimpleORMap
 $content = []
 $content_db = []
 $is_new = true
 $is_deleted = false
 $relations = []
 $additional_data = []
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ModuleManagementModelTreeItem
static $object_filter = []
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ModuleManagementModel
static $filter_params = []
static $perm_object = null
static $object_cache = []
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SimpleORMap
static $config = []
static $reserved_slots = ['value','newid','iterator','tablemetadata', 'relationvalue','wherequery','relationoptions','data','new','id']
static $performs_batch_operation = false

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct (   $id = null)

Member Function Documentation

◆ configure()

static configure (   $config = [])

◆ findByModule()

static findByModule (   $module_ids)

Retrieves all Fachbereiche which are implicitly related to the given modules. The relation is done through the hole MVV structure. If an object has a status field, the status has to be public. Otherwise the related Fachbereich will not be retrieved.

array$module_idsAn array of module ids.

◆ getChildren()

getChildren ( )

◆ getClassDisplayName()

static getClassDisplayName (   $long = false)

◆ getDisplayName()

getDisplayName ( )

Returns the name of the object to displa in the trail.


Implements MvvTreeItem.

◆ getFachbereiche()

static getFachbereiche (   $sortby = 'name',
  $order = 'ASC',
  $filter = null 

Returns a collection of all Fachbereiche where a Studiengangteil is assigned to.

string$sortbyThe result is sorted by these fields.
string$orderThe direction of sorting.
Object SimplORMapCollection of all Fachbereiche

◆ getFilterStudiengaengeEinrichtung()

static getFilterStudiengaengeEinrichtung (   $studiengang_ids = [])

◆ getParents()

getParents (   $mode = null)

◆ getRelatedModules()

getRelatedModules (   $only_public = true,
  $modul_ids = null 

Retrieves all modules this Fachbereich is related to. The relation is done through the hole MVV structure. Optional filtered by given module ids.

boolean$only_publicIf true, all objects with a status field has to be public.
array$modul_idsAn array with module ids. Only these modules will be retrieved.
array An array with module ids.

◆ getShortName()

getShortName ( )

Gießener Spezialität: Kurzbezeichnungen für Fakultäten. Returns the short name of the faculty. If short name is not set returns the display name.

string The (short) name of the faculty.

◆ getTrailParent()

getTrailParent ( )

◆ getTrailParentId()

getTrailParentId ( )

◆ hasChildren()

hasChildren ( )

◆ isFaculty()

isFaculty ( )

Returns whether this Fachbereich is a faculty.

boolean True, if the Fachbereich is a faculty.

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