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ForumBulkMail Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 sendingEmail ($rec_user_id, $snd_user_id, $message, $subject, $message_id)
 bulkSend ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from messaging
 __construct ()
 delete_message ($message_id, $user_id=FALSE)
 delete_all_messages ($user_id=FALSE)
 user_wants_email ($userid)
 sendingEmail ($rec_user_id, $snd_user_id, $message, $subject, $message_id)
 insert_message ($message, $rec_uname, $user_id='', $time='', $tmp_message_id='', $set_deleted='', $signature='', $subject='', $force_email='', $priority='normal', $tags=null, $show_adressees=false)

Data Fields

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 $send_as_email = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from messaging
static sendSystemMessage ($recipient, $message_title, $message_body)

Member Function Documentation

◆ bulkSend()

bulkSend ( )

Sends the collected messages from sendingMail as e-mail.

◆ sendingEmail()

sendingEmail (   $rec_user_id,

Overwrites the parent method. This method combines messages with the same content and prepares them for sending them as a mail with multiple recepients instead of one mail for each recipient. The actual sending task is done bulkSend().

object $user

string$rec_user_iduser_id of recipient
string$snd_user_iduser_id of sender
string$messagethe message
string$subjectsubject for the message
string$message_idthe message_id in the database

Field Documentation

◆ $bulk_mail


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