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ModuleManagementModelTreeItem Class Reference
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ModuleManagementModel MvvTreeItem SimpleORMap ModuleManagementInterface Abschluss AbschlussKategorie Fach Fachbereich Lvgruppe Modul Modulteil MvvCourse StgteilAbschnitt StgteilabschnittModul StgteilVersion Studiengang StudiengangTeil

Public Member Functions

 getTrailParentId ()
 getTrails ($types=null, $mode=null, $path=null, $in_recursion=false)
 isAssignable ()
 hasChildren ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModel
 verifyPermission ($user_id=null)
 store ()
 validate ()
 delete ()
 setNewId ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getAvailableTranslations ()
 getStatus ()
 hasPublicStatus ($filter=null)
 getResponsibleInstitutes ()
 getVariant ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimpleORMap
 __construct ($id=null)
 __clone ()
 getRelationOptions ($relation)
 getTableMetadata ()
 hasAutoIncrementColumn ()
 setId ($id)
 getId ()
 getNewId ()
 toArray ($only_these_fields=null)
 toRawArray ($only_these_fields=null)
 toArrayRecursive ($only_these_fields=null)
 getValue ($field)
 getRelationValue ($relation, $field)
 getDefaultValue ($field)
 setValue ($field, $value)
 __get ($field)
 __set ($field, $value)
 __isset ($field)
 offsetExists ($offset)
 offsetGet ($offset)
 offsetSet ($offset, $value)
 offsetUnset ($offset)
 getIterator ()
 count ()
 isField ($field)
 isRelation ($field)
 isAdditionalField ($field)
 isAliasField ($field)
 isI18nField ($field)
 setData ($data, $reset=false)
 isNew ()
 isDeleted ()
 setNew ($is_new)
 getWhereQuery ()
 restore ()
 store ()
 triggerChdate ()
 delete ()
 isDirty ()
 isFieldDirty ($field)
 revertValue ($field)
 getPristineValue ($field)
 initRelation ($relation)
 resetRelation ($relation)
 cleanup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementInterface
 __construct ($id=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MvvTreeItem
 getTrailParent ()
 getChildren ()
 getId ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getParents ($mode)

Static Public Member Functions

static getPathes ($trails, $delimiter=' · ')
static filterTrails ($trails, $filter_objects)
static setObjectFilter ($class_name, $filter_func)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModel
static findBySearchTerm ($search_term, $filter=null)
static getAll ()
static get ($id=null)
static getEnriched ($id)
static getEnrichedByQuery ($query=null, $params=[], $row_count=null, $offset=null)
static getClassDisplayName ($long=false)
static getFilterSql ($filter, $where=false, $or_sql=null)
static getContentArray (SimpleORMap $sorm, $to_utf8=true)
static getCount ($filter=null)
static getCountBySql ($sql, $filter=null)
static setLanguage ($language)
static setContentLanguage ($language)
static getLanguage () = htmlReady($modul['name'])
static getLocaleOrdinalNumberSuffix ($num)
static getPublicStatus ($class_name=null)
static findCached ($id, $index=null)
static clearCache ($index=null)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SimpleORMap
static tableScheme ($db_table)
static expireTableScheme ()
static exists ($id)
static countBySql ($sql='1', $params=[])
static create ($data)
static build ($data, $is_new=true)
static buildExisting ($data)
static import ($data)
static findBySQL ($sql, $params=[])
static findOneBySQL ($where, $params=[])
static findThru ($foreign_key_value, $options)
static findEachBySQL ($callable, $sql, $params=[])
static findMany ($pks=[], $order='', $order_params=[])
static findEachMany ($callable, $pks=[], $order='', $order_params=[])
static findAndMapBySQL ($callable, $where, $params=[])
static findAndMapMany ($callable, $pks=[], $order='', $order_params=[])
static deleteBySQL ($where, $params=[])
static toObject ($id_or_object)
static __callStatic (string $name, array $arguments)

Static Public Attributes

- Static Public Attributes inherited from SimpleORMap
static $schemes = null

Static Protected Member Functions

static sortTrails ($trail_a, $trail_b)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModel
static configure ($config=[])
static checkSortFields ($sort, $standard_field=null, $additional_fields=[])
static createSortStatement ($sort, $order='ASC', $standard_field=null, $additional_fields=[])
static fromCache ($index, $id, Callable $finder)
static formatDisplayName (string $template, array $placeholders, array $replacements)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SimpleORMap
static db_table ()
static db_fields ()
static pk ()
static default_values ()
static serialized_fields ()
static alias_fields ()
static i18n_fields ()
static additional_fields ()
static has_many ()
static has_one ()
static belongs_to ()
static has_and_belongs_to_many ()
static registered_callbacks ()
static known_slots ()
static notification_map ()
static getter_setter_map ()
static configure ($config=[])
static config ($key)
static registerCallback ($types, $cb)
static unregisterCallback ($types, $cb)

Static Protected Attributes

static $object_filter = []
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ModuleManagementModel
static $filter_params = []
static $perm_object = null
static $object_cache = []
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SimpleORMap
static $config = []
static $reserved_slots = ['value','newid','iterator','tablemetadata', 'relationvalue','wherequery','relationoptions','data','new','id']
static $performs_batch_operation = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from ModuleManagementModel
 $object_real_name = ''
- Data Fields inherited from SimpleORMap
const ID_SEPARATOR = '_'
- Data Fields inherited from MvvTreeItem
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ModuleManagementModel
 logChanges ($action=null)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SimpleORMap
 _getId ($field)
 _setId ($field, $value)
 _getAdditionalValueFromRelation ($field)
 _setAdditionalValueFromRelation ($field, $value)
 _getAdditionalValue ($field)
 _setAdditionalValue ($field, $value)
 parseRelationOptions ($type, $name, $options)
 storeRelations ($only_these=null)
 deleteRelations ()
 initializeContent ()
 applyCallbacks ($type)
 cbNotificationMapper ($cb_type)
 cbAfterInitialize ($cb_type)
 setSerializedValue ($field, $value)
 setI18nValue ($field, $value)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ModuleManagementModel
 $is_dirty = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from SimpleORMap
 $content = []
 $content_db = []
 $is_new = true
 $is_deleted = false
 $relations = []
 $additional_data = []

Member Function Documentation

◆ filterTrails()

static filterTrails (   $trails,

Filters trails by given object types.

array$trailsAn array of trails.
array$filter_objectsAn array of object class names.
array The filtered trails.

◆ getPathes()

static getPathes (   $trails,
  $delimiter = ' Â· ' 

Formats the trails to pathes. The path consists of alle names of the objects of a trail glued together with the given delimiter.

array$trailsAll trails as array.
string$delimiterA string used as the "glue".
int$display_optionsDisplay options set by constants defined in class ModuleManagementModel.

◆ getTrailParentId()

getTrailParentId ( )

◆ getTrails()

getTrails (   $types = null,
  $mode = null,
  $path = null,
  $in_recursion = false 

Returns all trails (pathes through the mvv object structure) for one object. The trails are the relations of this object along the given types (classes of MvvTreeItem objects) to the root object type.

array$typesAn array of class names.
int$modeModifeies the result (only possible value is MvvTreeItem::TRAIL_SHOW_INCOMPLETE)
array$pathThe uncomplete path (used in recursion)
boolean$lastTrue if the last object (no parents) is reached (used in recursion)
array An Array of trails. Each trail is an array of objects with the class names as keys. Each trail consists of the objects defined by the types parameter and have the same order as the types array.

Implements MvvTreeItem.

◆ hasChildren()

hasChildren ( )

◆ isAssignable()

isAssignable ( )

Returns whether this object is assignable to courses.

boolean True if the object is assignable.

Implements MvvTreeItem.

◆ setObjectFilter()

static setObjectFilter (   $class_name,

Stores filter function to restrict pathes only to objects fulfilling all conditions defined in this function.

string$class_nameThe name of the class.
Closure$filter_funcThe function defining the filter.
array$paramsParameters used by filter function.

◆ sortTrails()

static sortTrails (   $trail_a,

Field Documentation

◆ $object_filter

$object_filter = []


Initial value:
= [

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