Stud.IP  5.4
NewsController Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for NewsController:

Public Member Functions

 before_filter (&$action, &$args)
 display_action ($range_id)
 visit_action ()
 visit_all_action ()
 edit_news_action ($id='', $context_range='', $template_id='')
 admin_news_action ($area_type='')
 rss_config_action ($range_id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StudipController
 before_filter (&$action, &$args)
 erase_response ()
 perform ($unconsumed_path)
 after_filter ($action, $args)
 validate_args (&$args, $types=null)
 url_for ($to='')
 link_for ($to='')
 redirect ($to)
 relocate ($to)
 rescue ($exception)
 render_json ($data)
 render_csv ($data, $filename=null, $delimiter=';', $enclosure='"')
 render_file ( $file, $filename=null, $content_type=null, $content_disposition='attachment', Closure $callback=null, $chunk_size=262144)
 render_temporary_file ( $file, $filename=null, $content_type=null, $content_disposition='attachment', Closure $callback=null, $chunk_size=262144)
 render_form (\Studip\Forms\Form $form)
 relay ($to_uri)
 relayWithRedirect (... $args)
 perform_relayed ($unconsumed)
 render_template_as_string ($template, $layout=null)
 __call ($method, $arguments)
 has_action ($action)
 action_url ($action)
 action_link ($action)
 validate_datetime ($datetime, $format='H:i')
 render_spreadsheet (array $header, array $data, string $format, string $filename, ?string $filepath=null)

Protected Attributes

 $with_session = true
- Protected Attributes inherited from StudipController
 $with_session = false
 $allow_nobody = true
 $_autobind = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from StudipController
 render_pdf (TCPDF $pdf, $filename, $inline=false)
 controller_path ()
 getBodyElementIdForControllerAndAction ($unconsumed_path)

Member Function Documentation

◆ admin_news_action()

admin_news_action (   $area_type = '')

Show administration page for user's news

string$area_typearea filter

◆ before_filter()

before_filter ( $action,

Callback function being called before an action is executed.

◆ display_action()

display_action (   $range_id)

Widget controller to produce the formally known show_votes()

String$range_idrange id of the news to get displayed

◆ edit_news_action()

edit_news_action (   $id = '',
  $context_range = '',
  $template_id = '' 

Builds news dialog for editing / adding news

string$idnews id (in case news already exists; otherwise set to "new")
string$context_rangerange id (only for new news; set to 'template' for copied news)
string$template_idtemplate id (source of news template)

◆ rss_config_action()

rss_config_action (   $range_id)

◆ visit_action()

visit_action ( )

◆ visit_all_action()

visit_all_action ( )

Field Documentation

◆ $with_session

$with_session = true

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