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DefaultRenderer Class Reference
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DebugRenderer JSONRenderer

Public Member Functions

 contentType ()
 extension ()
 render ($response)
 shouldRespondTo ($filename, $media_range=null)

Detailed Description

Default base content renderer class (outputs text/plain).

Content renderers are output filters that can reshape data before it is sent to the client. Each content renderer is associated with a certain content type and a certain file extension. This is neccessary for content negotiation.

Jan-Hendrik Willms
mlunz.nosp@m.ena@.nosp@m.uos.d.nosp@m.e GPL 2 or later
Stud.IP 3.0

Member Function Documentation

◆ contentType()

contentType ( )

Returns an associated content type.

String Content/mime type for this renderer

◆ extension()

extension ( )

Returns an associated extension.

String Associated extension for this renderer.

◆ render()

render (   $response)

Response transformation function.

\RESTAPI\Response$responsethe response to transform

◆ shouldRespondTo()

shouldRespondTo (   $filename,
  $media_range = null 

Detects whether the renderer should respond to either a certain filename (tests by extension) or to a certain media range.

String$filenameFilename to test against
mixed$media_rangeMedia range to test against (optional, defaults to request's accept header if set)
bool Returns whether the renderer should respond

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