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Activity Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getActivities ($user_id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RouteMap
 __construct ()
 init ($router, $route)
 paginated ($data, $total, $uri_params=[], $query_params=[])
 paginate ($uri_format, $total, $offset=null, $limit=null)
 collect ($data)
 status ($status)
 headers ($headers=[])
 body ($body)
 contentType ($mime_type, $params=[])
 error ($status, $body=null)
 etag ($value, $strong_etag=true, $new_resource=null)
 expires ($amount, $cache_control=[])
 cacheControl ($values)
 halt ()
 lastModified ($time)
 notFound ($body=null)
 redirect ($url, $args=null)
 sendFile ($_path, $opts=[])
 url ($addr, $url_params=null)
 urlf ($addr_f, $format_params, $url_params=null)
 getRoutes ($http_method=null)
 getResponse ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from RouteMap
 extractConditions ($docblock, $conditions=[])
- Protected Attributes inherited from RouteMap
 $data = null
 $pagination = false

Detailed Description

Till Glöggler tgloe.nosp@m.ggl@.nosp@m.uos.d.nosp@m.e
André Klaßen GPL 2 or later

user_id ^[a-f0-9]{1,32}$

Member Function Documentation

◆ getActivities()

getActivities (   $user_id)

List activities for an user


string$user_idthe user to get the activities for
array the activities as array('collection' => array(...), 'pagination' => array())

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