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ResourceTreeWidget Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ResourceTreeWidget:
SidebarWidget Widget RoomSearchTreeWidget

Public Member Functions

 __construct (array $root_resources=[], $title='', $parameter_name='tree_selected_resource')
 render ($variables=[])
 setCurrentResource (Resource $resource)
 setCurrentResourceId ($resource_id=null)
 setFoldable ($foldable=false)
 isFoldable ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SidebarWidget
 __construct ()
 setId (string $id)
 getId ()
 setTitle ($title)
 getTitle ()
 removeTitle ()
 setExtra ($extra)
 getExtra ()
 removeExtra ()
 setAdditionalAttribute (string $key, $value)
 setAdditionalAttributes (array $attributes)
 removeAdditionalAttribute (string $key)
 render ($variables=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
 addElement (WidgetElement $element, $index=null)
 insertElement (WidgetElement $element, $before_index, $index=null)
 getElement ($index)
 getElements ()
 removeElement ($index)
 hasElements ()
 hasElement ($index)
 forceRendering ($state=true)
 addLayoutCSSClass ($css_class)
 removeLayoutCSSClass ($css_class)
 render ($variables=[])
 __isset ($offset)
 __get ($offset)
 __set ($offset, $value)
 __unset ($offset)

Protected Attributes

 $root_resources = []
 $parameter_name = ''
 $foldable = false
 $current_resource_id = null
- Protected Attributes inherited from SidebarWidget
 $additional_attributes = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from Widget
 $elements = []
 $template = 'widgets/widget'
 $template_variables = []
 $layout = 'widgets/widget-layout'
 $forced_rendering = false
 $layout_css_classes = []

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Widget
 guessIndex (WidgetElement $element)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct ( array  $root_resources = [],
  $title = '',
  $parameter_name = 'tree_selected_resource' 

This widget must be initialised by providing at least one Resource object in an array.

array$root_resourcesThe root resource objects which will be displayed by this tree view.
string$titleThe title of this widget.
string | null$parameter_nameThe name of the URL parameter which will be set when one of the resources in the tree is selected. If parameter_name is set to null the items in the resource tree widget will link to the resource's details page.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isFoldable()

isFoldable ( )

◆ render()

render (   $variables = [])

The render method will attach the root resource of this object to the set of variables which is passed to the template.

◆ setCurrentResource()

setCurrentResource ( Resource  $resource)

◆ setCurrentResourceId()

setCurrentResourceId (   $resource_id = null)

◆ setFoldable()

setFoldable (   $foldable = false)

Field Documentation

◆ $current_resource_id

$current_resource_id = null

◆ $foldable

$foldable = false

◆ $parameter_name

$parameter_name = ''

◆ $root_resources

$root_resources = []

$root_resource is the resource whose resource tree shall be displayed by this widget. The resource itself and all its children are displayed.

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