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SeminarSearch Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getTitle ()
 getResults ($keyword, $contextual_data=[], $limit=PHP_INT_MAX, $offset=0)
 includePath ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SearchType
 getTitle ()
 getAvatar ($id)
 getAvatarImageTag ($id)
 getResults ($keyword, $contextual_data=[], $limit=PHP_INT_MAX, $offset=0)
 __toString ()
 includePath ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from SearchType
 $extendedLayout = false

Member Function Documentation

◆ getResults()

getResults (   $keyword,
  $contextual_data = [],
  $limit = PHP_INT_MAX,
  $offset = 0 

Returns the results to a given keyword. To get the results is the job of this routine and it does not even need to come from a database. The results should be an array in the form array ( array($key, $name), array($key, $name), ... ) where $key is an identifier like user_id and $name is a displayed text that should appear to represent that ID.

array$contextual_dataan associative array with more variables
int$limitmaximum number of results (default: all)
int$offsetreturn results starting from this row (default: 0)

◆ getTitle()

getTitle ( )

title of the search like "search for courses" or just "courses"


◆ includePath()

includePath ( )

Returns the path to this file, so that this class can be autoloaded and is always available when necessary. Should be: "return __file__;"

string path to this file

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