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StandardSearch Class Reference
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SQLSearch SearchType MyCoursesSearch TreeSearch

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($search, $search_settings=[])
 getTitle ()
 includePath ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SearchType
 getTitle ()
 getAvatar ($id)
 getAvatarImageTag ($id)
 getResults ($keyword, $contextual_data=[], $limit=PHP_INT_MAX, $offset=0)
 __toString ()
 includePath ()

Data Fields

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 $extendedLayout = false

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Detailed Description

Class of type SearchType used for searches with QuickSearch (lib/classes/QuickSearch.class.php). You can search with a sql-syntax in the database. You just need to give in a query like for a PDB-prepare statement and at least the variable ":input" in the query (the :input will be replaced with the input of the QuickSearch userinput. [code] $search = new SQLSearch("username"); [/code]

Rasmus Fuhse

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct (   $search,
  $search_settings = [] 
string$searchThe search type.
Array$search_settingsSettings for the selected seach type. Depending on the search type different settings are possible which can change the output or the display of the output of the search. The array must be an associative array with the setting as array key. The following settings are implemented: Search type 'room':
  • display_seats: If set to true, the seats will be displayed after the name of the room.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getTitle()

getTitle ( )

returns the title/description of the searchfield

string title/description

◆ includePath()

includePath ( )

A very simple overwrite of the same method from SearchType class. returns the absolute path to this class for autoincluding this class.

: path to this class

Field Documentation

◆ $search


◆ $search_settings


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