Stud.IP  6.0
AdminCourseContents Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

 adminAvailableContents ()
 adminAreaGetCourseContent ($course, $index)

Detailed Description

Interface AdminCourseContents With this interface a plugin is able to add columns to the course-overview table for admins and roots.

Member Function Documentation

◆ adminAreaGetCourseContent()

adminAreaGetCourseContent (   $course,

Returns the value of the additional column for the course-overview table in the admin-area.

Course$course: A Course-object of the given ... course
string$index: the index that comes from adminAvailableContents to identify the column.
Flexi | String : Either one will do, but string is preferred, because it can exported as CSV-file more easily.

◆ adminAvailableContents()

adminAvailableContents ( )

The available columns for the course-overview table for admins. Index is the identifier of the column for the method adminAreaGetCourseContent. The value is the display name of the column.

array : an associative array like array('index' => _("Translated display name"))

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