Stud.IP  6.0
Loggable Interface Reference
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static logFormat (LogEvent $event)
static logSearch ($needle, $action_name=null)

Detailed Description

Loggable This interface provides necessary functions to use the Stud.IP internal logging.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ logFormat()

static logFormat ( LogEvent  $event)

This function is used to format the info_template of the action used by the given event and its properties. It is the first step in the formatting process. It returns a string that will be formatted by the replacements for the Stud.IP standard objects (e.g. User, Seminar, Institute,...). See LogEvent::formatEvent().


Implemented in MVV.

◆ logSearch()

static logSearch (   $needle,
  $action_name = null 

This function is used to search for objects related to log events. The search has to accept a string as part of the name or the id of the object. See search functions in StudipLog.

string$needleThe needle to search for (object id or part of the name)
string$action_nameThe name of the action.

Implemented in MVV.

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