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ModuleManagementInterface Interface Reference
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ModuleManagementModel AbschlussZuord Aufbaustudiengang FachFachbereich LvgruppeModulteil LvgruppeSeminar ModulDeskriptor ModuleManagementModelTreeItem ModulInst ModulLanguage ModulteilDeskriptor ModulteilLanguage ModulteilStgteilabschnitt MvvContact MvvContactRange MvvExternContact MvvFile MvvFileFileref MvvFileRange StgteilBezeichnung StudiengangStgteil StudycourseLanguage StudycourseType

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($id=null)

Detailed Description

This interface ensures that all objects of ModuleManagementModel have the same constructor signature. Otherwise, we can not guarantee that the use of "new static()" in ModuleManagement code will always do the right things.

Jan-Hendrik Willms GPL2 or any later version

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

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