Stud.IP  5.4
ActivityProvider Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for ActivityProvider:
CoursewareProvider DocumentsProvider ForumProvider MessageProvider NewsProvider ParticipantsProvider ScheduleProvider WikiProvider

Public Member Functions

 getActivityDetails ($activity)

Static Public Member Functions

static getLexicalField ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getActivityDetails()

getActivityDetails (   $activity)

Fill in the url, route and any lengthy content for the passed activity


Implemented in NewsProvider, ParticipantsProvider, DocumentsProvider, ForumProvider, MessageProvider, ScheduleProvider, WikiProvider, and CoursewareProvider.

◆ getLexicalField()

static getLexicalField ( )

Human readable name for the current provider to be used in the activity-title

Implemented in NewsProvider, DocumentsProvider, WikiProvider, ParticipantsProvider, ScheduleProvider, MessageProvider, CoursewareProvider, and ForumProvider.

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