Stud.IP  5.4
StudipItem Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for StudipItem:
Course Resource BrokenResource Building Location ResourceLabel Room

Public Member Functions

 getItemName ($long_format=true)
 getItemURL ()
 getItemAvatarURL ()
 getLink ()
 __toString ()

Detailed Description

This interface provides methods which allow an unified access to basic properties of Stud.IP objects. It is meant to be an extension for SimpleORMap objects.

Member Function Documentation

◆ __toString()

__toString ( )
string A string representation of the item. For backward compatibility with existing plugins that have classes derived of StudipItem, the return type is not specified.

Implemented in Course, Room, Resource, Building, and Location.

◆ getItemAvatarURL()

getItemAvatarURL ( )

Returns the URL to the avatar image or icon of the object, if applicable.

string|null Either the URL to the object's avatar or icon or null, if the object does not have an avatar.

Implemented in Resource, Course, BrokenResource, and ResourceLabel.

◆ getItemName()

getItemName (   $long_format = true)

Returns a human-readable name of the object.

bool$long_formatIf set to true, a long format that has the object type as a prefix (course, room etc.) is returned. Otherwise only the name is returned.
string A human-readable string of the object's name.

Implemented in Resource, and Course.

◆ getItemURL()

getItemURL ( )

Returns an URL that points to a page describing or displaying the object.

string|null Either the URL to a descriptive page for the object or null, if the object does not have such an URL.

Implemented in Resource, and Course.

◆ getLink()

getLink ( )

Creates a StudipLink object that links to a page with information about the StudipItem object.

StudipLink A StudipLink object for the information page of the StudipItem object.

Implemented in Resource, and Course.

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